Attendance provision for Faculty:

Biometric attendance system is installed for attendance of all faculty members but due to Covid-19 pandemic situation it is temporarily suspended.

Attendance Requirements for Students:

No student shall be deemed to have pursued a regular course of study unless she has attended at least 75% of the lectures in each subject semester wise. The name of a student remaining absent for 15 consecutive days after the commencement of classes or during the academic session without any notice shall be struck off from the rolls of the College. However, readmission may be made on payment of a fine of Rs. 1000/- within 15 days with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor. If a student fails to take re-admission within this prescribed time limit, the seat will be declared vacant to be filled according to University rules. 21. A student, who had been detained on account of shortage of attendance, may be re-admitted provided :

 (a) she seeks re-admission within the prescribed date; 
 (b) her conduct has been satisfactory; and
 (c) she shows sufficient cause to the satisfaction of the University for not having put in the requisite percentage of attendance in lectures.